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  • #1 in Australia #2 in the world for sport, physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • #2 in Australia and #15 world for nursing
  • #2 in Australia and #18 in the world for pharmacy and pharmacology
  • #2 in Australia and #18 in the world for medicine
  • #3 in Australia and #33 in the world for dentistry
  • #10 in the world for anatomy and physiology
  • *QS Subject Rankings 2018

Undergraduate medicine and health courses

Our bachelor degrees will kick-start your career in health
As one of the Asia-Pacific region's most highly rated education and research institutions, the University of Sydney will prepare you to play a leading role in health fields in Australia and around the world.








*  This course is offered by the Sydney School of Health Sciences.
** This course is offered by the Faculty of Science.


The Doctor of Medicine and the Doctor of Dental Medicine are graduate entry courses. This means you must complete a bachelor's degree before commencing your medicine studies. You can enrol straight from high school into a combined degree medicine program as listed above, however entry into these programs is extremely competitive.

The majority of students undertake an undergraduate degree first and then apply for either of the below graduate courses.



Concept art of new Health Precinct in development for 2020.

Studying an undergraduate degree in medicine and health at the University of Sydney will open your horizons to an extensive network of world-leading researchers, institutes and clinical schools in your chosen field. 

  • We offer the largest range of health courses of any Australian university, giving you a variety of ways to pursue your passion. 
  • We also offer you the option to undertake a science degree and major in health, allowing you to gain a broad understanding of health areas before choosing your particular area of interest.
  • You'll be taught by highly respected researchers, practitioners and clinicians, who are dedicated to teaching the next generation of leaders in healthcare.
  • At the University of Sydney, we have the largest range of clinical placement partners in NSW. Clinical placements, fieldwork and service learning are major components of most of our health courses, giving you the opportunity for real-world, hands-on training.
  • Development of our Health Precinct in 2020 will for the first time bring multiple health disciplines together in a purpose-built facility that translates research into education and clinical services.

Watch our video to learn more about medicine and health at the University


“I have been involved in mentoring programs, started a student society, and participated in a student exchange program where I spent a month volunteering in a developing country.”
Ryen Sadeque, Bachelor of Science (Health)


Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Level 3, 160 City Road, Darlington NSW 2008 Jane Foss Russell Building G02


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